Damn, you clicked on it.

Well…let’s get to it, then.

1. Reality Shows

White people love to see you acting crazy on these shows. I pray for the day when I can see a normal black reality show (not a sitcom), that shows a NORMAL black family (wife, husband, kids) just dealing with everyday normal things, like paying bills, putting their kids through college, shopping for groceries, trying to eat healthy. You know, the life of most black families.  The father is not a rapper or a ball player. Maybe, he’s a security guard or a janitor, but he is holding the family down.

Unfortunately, that TV show will have an audience of zero. Why?

White people know black people are more entertaining, and earn more money and are far more entertaining (yep, I said that twice), to them when they are doing ignorant stuff.

If your baby mama is an ex-stripper, who had a kid with the baby daddies’ best friend, and the baby daddy is having sex with the baby mama white stripper’s friend, that show will be a hit with black and white people and make the owners of the network, lots of money.

It’s important to exploit and perpetuate the perception black ignorance if you want to keep that money train chugging along. Chi-ching, and choo-choo!

2. Gossip News

Wendy Williams, MediaTakeOut, Lovelyti…hey, do your thing. You found something that pays your bills and feds your kids. Salute.

But what if our gossip was about more than just who slept with who, or what rapper got caught sleeping with a tranny, like Young Buck Back Mountain.

Who cares if Young Buck slept with a dude, or which rappers are “beefing”, and which celebrities are dating?

Well…white people.

They know gossip and stories about racism and sex are like catnip for black American people. They know you will click on it, and that means money for them.

They loved when Drake and Pusha-T were beefing, but do you hear anything about Pusha-T, now, or his Christian rapper brother, No Malice? No, because it’s just entertainment.

They love Cardi B and Nicki fighting, and Remy fighting with Nicki because that shit gets clicks. 

They were praying something happened to Takashi. Peoples’ Youtube channels blew up when they reported about his legal and street issues. He was just an ignorant money generating pawn, to them.

What if we gossip about black success?

Imagine that. What if you use your talent for gossiping to spread good news about black people?

Maybe you can gossip about the woman who opened a business that employees 100 people in her neighborhood or that kid who got a perfect SAT score despite having dyslexia.

Gossip about the leading black women in the IT industry.

Let’s make our gossip about things like that. Let’s “spill that tea”.

Who am I kidding? Black people won’t click on that. It’s not ignorant enough.TMZ only reports black ignorance.

Joy Buolamwini: Joy Buolamwini is a computer scientist and digital activist based at the MIT Media Lab. As founder of the Algorithmic Justice League, she identifies bias in artificial intelligence and develops practices for accountability. Buolamwini’s TED Talk on algorithmic bias has been viewed over one million times.


3. Hip-Hop Beef, Mandatory OutRage, and Death

How many rappers were shot in 2018? Let’s go to nickiswift.com and find out. They keep good records of ignorant things.

I count at least 9 rappers murdered in 2018 alone.


As some idiots say, beef is good for “the culture”.

I was looking for the stats on how many country music singers shot each other in 2018 and I could find any. How in the heck is country music culture surviving without beef and killing each other?

When a rapper dies, we all cry and send our R.I.P comments. We’ll run up his views on Youtube for a few days. We will click on every gossip site, just to get more juicy details of their death.

And then, once all of the click and view money has been made on Youtube and blogs, we will move on to the next thing. 

The same with the R Kelly story.

Who did this surprise? How did not know this was going on? A better question is, “do you really care?”.

No. You don’t. You wanna how I know you don’t really care?


That’s how I know you don’t care. Our outrage is only the to that drive viewership. Afrika Bambaataa an alleged rapist and pedophile. People said they’d known about him for decades. But after all of your outrage, what happened? He is still walking the streets. 

We got upset for a while, we made videos, wrote articles, got a few clicks, shares, retweets, and then we did what we always do after all the media money was sucked out of the story? We moved on to the next hot gossip story.

All R Kelly has to do is, keep quiet and wait black people out. In the meantime, The news and entertainment industry is going to make money appropriating your outrage.

Outrage Appropriation: it’s like cultural appropriation, but it’s the media using black pain and tragedies to make money.

Look at how many articles Nicki Swift.com posted on R Kelly.

They did not post all of these articles because they care, but because it’s going to generate viewers who are going to generate money for the company.

Oh, don’t act like you’re not going to click on it.

Special Agent Dj Vlad does the same thing. He could have a video from 10 years ago, but if that video mentions the name of the hot topic in the news, he will repost it, you’re gonna click on it, and he will get paid.

This other guy on Youtube also gets a lot of clicks when he makes videos about rappers dying or getting into fights. He’s figured you out, black people. Your pain equals money. 


4. Cop TV Shows, and Black People Getting Shot.

Remember this guy? That’s Eric Garner…the guy that was murdered by the police…the one who was choked to death. CNN talked about for months, remember?

Why did they talk about it?


They couldn’t give a damn about some poor black man getting choked out by the police, but they know you do.

You will watch every second of coverage they can shove into 24 hours.

That makes them lots of money.

Do they donate that money to his family, or to a foundation to help minority children?

Nope. They won’t even send flowers to the funeral, but they will charge extra for ad space while their viewership is up.

Black pain plus tragedy equals money!

What would the TV show ‘Cops‘ be without black people?

A bunch of rednecks getting locked up? White people don’t wanna see that. They wanna see black women with disheveled hair trying to explain why her baby “ain’t did nuffin”.

That’s entertainment. That’s raw pain. They wanna see a sweaty black man with bugged eyes and big lips sitting in the back of a cop car. Entertainment is watching a black man laying on his stomach, yelling “Iayn did nuffin”.

Why has there never been an episode of cops of them raiding a corporate office to arrest white collar criminals like Leman Brothers or Goldman Sachs? Why wasn’t Bernie Madoff’s arrest not on Cops?

Simple. That shit is not entertaining. It educational.

Rich people don’t want to see rich people get arrested…unless they are black and a celebrity.

I think the media actually prays every day, something “racial” happens between cops and black people? I’m 100% positive CNN has a person that just monitors the news for a story about the police shooting. If the person shot is white, the story goes in the dust bin. If the person was black, JACKPOT!

They can milk that story for weeks and make money if the conditions of the death seem racist enough. The will call in all their “urban” pundits ((they always bring in the black pundits so they don’t seem like outrage appropriators), whom they have not called since the last shooting so you know they are ready to get a check.

5. The Prison Industrial Complex.

This is a big money maker. This is what holds all of the other pieces together. Did you know you it cost more money to keep a black man in jail for a year than it does to send him to college for a year?

According to the Vera Institute of Justice, incarceration costs an average of more than $31,000 per inmate, per year, nationwide.

Oh and here’s some more for you

In its most recent survey of college pricing, the College Board reports that a moderate college budget for an in-state public college for the 2017–2018 academic year averaged $25,290.

Yeah, I didn’t know that either, but check this out.

According to a 2018 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), nearly 2.2 million adults were held in America’s prisons.

The government could be sending at least a million kids to school, each year. Imagine how that would change the communities for poor blacks, whites, and Latinos? Every year we could be graduating a larger group of intelligent productive young Americans, and building the best-educated workforce in the world.

But as somebody famous once said a few centuries years ago, “Why in the hell would they wanna do that”?

Do you know how many BILLIONS the private prison industry makes a year?

Private correctional facilities were a $4.8 billion industry last year, with profits of $629 million, according to market research firm IBISWorld.-NBC news

That was in 2015. It’s certainly well over 6 billion by now.

If you are making that much money, would you want to decrease crime? Would you want to create more opportunities for poor kids? Would you want a better-educated population?

Of course not. When you are running a business, your job is to keep profits going up, and that means locking more people up.

 …it costs $100 per day to house a prisoner (assuming full capacity, including all administration costs), and the prison building can hold 1,000 inmates. A private prison can offer their services to the government and charge $150 per day per prisoner. -Investopedia

The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) loves to see these dumb rappers talking all this gang stuff because they will influence more idiots to join and hopefully get locked up so they can get paid. The PIC hates to see you kill each other though, that’s money down the drain.

The PIC love to see idiots on social media posing with guns. After you post the photo of you holding a stack of money to your ear and pointing a gun, please be considerate enough to put your phone in your pocket so the police can come to pick you up. Depending on what state you get picked up in, the PIC could get a few decades of dirt cheap labor out of you.


I wrote the most ignorant shit I could think of, titled it the most clickbaity way I could, and you clicked on it. Why did I do that? Because I knew you would be quick to click on ignorance.

I’ve learned that as a blogger for the past 7 years. The dumbest shit gets the most views. I could post an article about a missing child, a kid who invented something,  or news from the African continent and that gets about….3 views, or I can post an article about Young Hucka Buck having sex with a tranny and I’ll get 30,000 views. 

What did you learn, from this article? Probably nothing, but maybe you’ve learned something about yourself. 

Flies love shit, and CNN, MSNBC, RT, MediaTakeOut, all of the gossip channels on Youtube, and TMZ, they know that. People love ignorance and controversy. 

Are you a shit seeking fly?

When the most popular black TV shows are about ex-wives and current side pieces fighting and gossiping, we have a problem.

When our top news sites are mostly about gossip and celebrity news, we have a problem.

When the first thing we listen to in the morning is gossip, we have a problem.

When our most popular form of music is about violence, sex,  and consumerism, we have a problem.

Dumble Rap is popular now because that’s what WE are listening to. If we wanted better music that had a meaning and was about something other than popping pills, shirts, shoes, and cars, we would have it. 

We can’t blame duh white man, in 2019. We have access to our own platforms now and can put out our own content.

We can put out our own news, about things that matter from around the world. Did you know there was a coup in Gabon? No, because CNN can’t get you to tune in by telling you about Gabonese news. 

…unless a white cop from Detroit shoots an unarmed black woman being groped by R Kelly while filming an episode of Real House Wives of Atlanta in Gabon.

Now that will bring in the $$$$

Well, thanks for reading, be safe in your kapers, love yourself and love each other. -maxillio

5 Way Black American Ignorance Equals Money and Entertainment for White People…R Kelly.

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